Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page has the answers to a few of the questions we hear from our customers the most. If you don't see the answer to your question below, head to our Contact page to drop us a line or give us a call today!
Where are you located?
Look for us at 2309 E Naylor Mill Road, near the Center at Salisbury Mall.

How far are you from downtown Salisbury, MD?
Not far at all! Our facility is only 4 miles from downtown Salisbury. That’s just a 9-minute drive via US-13 BUS N/S Salisbury Blvd. Come and check us out!

How far are you from Salisbury University?
We are just a 5-mile drive from Salisbury University. Just head down Beaglin Park Dr to our facility, located on East Naylor Mill Road.

Do you serve any other neighborhoods?
We sure do. As we’re so central and accessible, we’re also popular throughout Fruitland, Delmar Hebron, Salisbury University, Pittsville, Parsonsburg, Willard.

What are your access times?

Do you close for any holidays?
We offer 24-7 access even on holidays.

What are your security features?
Naylor Mill Self Storage features best in class surveillance cameras, fencing, and gated access.
What vehicle parking options do you have?
Our facility features indoor vehicle parking for your car, RV, motorcycle, or other rides. It’s the perfect way to keep your vehicle safe from the elements.

Do you sell supplies?
We do. Various useful supplies are available to buy on site.

What temperature-controlled options do you have?
Climate-controlled storage options are available. Our units keep your belongings both cool and dry, ensuring they remain in top condition all year round.

Do you have handcarts or dollies?
That’s right. They’re a real lifesaver if you’re storing heavy or bulky items. Feel free to help yourself when you arrive at our facility.

How long am I required to store?
We have no long-term contract so you're able to store with us for however long you need.

How do I get started?
Simply reserve your unit online or get in touch with us to start storing with us.

Can I pay my bills online?
Absolutely. In fact, it’s the easiest way to keep up to date with your rent.